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Most Explicit, Vulgar Birthday Cake Ever? Here’s the ‘Thai Ladyboy’ Cake a Lady Baked for Her Friend (Photos)


Abi, who baked the cake


A 24-year-old lady identified as Abi Smith, from the Derbyshire area of United Kingdom, has spent two entire days in baking her friend’s boyfriend the dirtiest birthday cake she could think of, and called it her “Thai ladyboy” masterpiece as a tribute to the birthday boy.


According to The Sun UK, the sponge cake was moulded into the shape of a body bending downwards on a bed, decorated with realistic fondant genitals, lace stockings and a ‘Jonny’ tattoo on one bum cheek.


It was gathered that when she delivered the cake, she placed it on a table, and they recorded his shock reaction.


the cake


While speaking with a correspondent, Abi said that everyone helping the birthday boy celebrate exploded into “laughter and disbelief” when he opened its box.


She said: “[The cake]… is made with a jam and cream filling, fondant icing to cover, cake lace for the stockings, popping candy in the anus and airbrushed with colour to get the definition. The cake was a surprise for Jonny so he had no idea what was coming!”


Andrea, Abi’s mum, had taught the 24-year-old how to bake as a child. But she took the hobby seriously after she had her second child and couldn’t return to work.


Birthday boy & his cake


Abi said: “This is the first cake I have made that’s this explicit! I have never done anything like this before so I can’t quite believe how well it’s turned out and the attention it’s getting!.

“After having my second son, I couldn’t bear going back to work and having to put them into childcare, so with encouragement from my partner Danny, family and friends, I decided to make my hobby into a living a few weeks ago so I can work from home.


Gushing over her cake, she boasted that it has almost been eaten. “There’s just the bum cheeks left. I like my cakes to taste as good as they look!” she added.