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Eight Wonderful Keys For creativity in Leadership


In most cases, it takes tens (or more) individuals entering positions of leadership, in order to come up with one true and effective leader. There are many reasons this exists, beginning with the necessity of maintaining a straight-forward, continuous, positive attitude, the degree of necessary commitment, and the highest degree of meaningful, relevant training (and transforming it to learning, and then, true understanding). However, one of the most frequently overlooked tendencies is performing one’s duties in a manner that considers alternatives, develops other ways to get things done, and thinks about ways to both improve the experience of his stakeholders, while simultaneously enhancing the group’s relevancy and sustainability. This often necessitates CREATIVE leadership, and therefore, here are 8 mnemonic keys for doing so.

1. Calm; with clarity of purpose/ direction; coordinating: When issues arrive, as they invariably do, followers often look to their leadership for signs as to whether it is under control, or time to panic. When a leader maintains control and keeps calm, he focuses on the best ways to overcome obstacles, and clearly articulates his plan and thinking. He then unites the group, gets others involved and committed, and takes a hands-on approach to coordinating and overseeing the activities of those he delegates duties to.

2. Relevant; reachable; responsible; responsive: It’s not about looking or being busy, or how much time and effort one expends. Rather, these efforts must be truly relevant to needs and priorities, and he must make himself accessible to his constituents, so as to effectively listen to their concerns, etc. There’s no room for blame or excuses, but rather a true leader must consistently assume responsibility, and directly respond to what others deem most essential.

3. Evolutionary; empowering: Great leaders seek to constantly evolve their group, and avoid being perceived as being revolutionary. They must reach their stakeholders, in such a way, that it empowers them to care and do more.

4. Attitude and aptitude: A true leader must always exhibit a consistently positive attitude, and leading in such a way. In addition, there is a need to constantly improve his skills, and be the best he can be.

5. Timely and thematic: Don’t procrastinate, but proceed with insight, with well-considered timely action. However, remember that a truly creative leader creates a theme for his administration, and uses it to develop additional motivation and involvement.

6. Ideas; ideology; integrity: How can you create anything worthwhile if you fail to introduce meaningful ideas, that will make your group better, and more relevant and sustainable. These ideas must be based upon a consistent ideology, and a real leader must exhibit absolute integrity.

7. Visionary; vital: What is you vital vision, and how does it relate to both the mission of your organization, as well as to the needs, priorities and concerns of your constituency?

8. Elicit response; examine; explore needs and priorities: Take a look at as many aspects and factors that might impact your organization! Do so carefully, and consider all ramifications. Then articulate these, and your mindset clearly, in order to get others more involved, etc.

Become a more CREATIVE leader, and you will invariably achieve more of significance and relevance. Hopefully, these eight keys will assist you in doing so. Read more